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04/14/2019 - MGA Twamble

Team   Score   Pro Shop Credit   Team   Score   Pro Shop Credit
Koos Swart, Dennis Simpson   102   $99 each   Ken Barnas, Rob Barnas   109    
Tony Negri, Mike Loucks   103   $59 each   Fred Ashby, Gregg Bowie   112    
Jerry Elder, Jay Zamostny   103   $40 each   Bob Brewer, Bill Milstead   120    
Steve Bryant, Bill Hicks   107       Joe D'Alessandro, Ed Nasatka   131    
Russ Hall, Charles Hill   108                

03/23/2019 - MGA Opening Day

Team   Score   Pro Shop Credit
Patrick Pierce, Mike Loucks, Jerry Elder, Frank Nesbit, Jim Fisher   143   $78.60 each
Ryan Bowling, Brian Lawrence, Russ Hall, Gene Shontere, Joe D'Alessandro   149    
Larry Sanders, Dennis Simpson, Bill Bois, Fritz Miklos   158    
John Bowling, Buddy Nutwell, James Gyuras, Steve Bryant   163    

03/23/2019 - LGA Opening Day

Team   Pro Shop Credit
Lacey Pierce, Robin Loucks, Irene Fisher, Ava Bowden, Cynthia Bryant   $15 each

03/02/2019 - Frostbite

Low Gross   Russ Hall, Gene Shontere, Dennis Simpson, Koos Swart
Low Net   Bob Poe, Bill Bois, Frank Nesbit, Patrick Pierce
Long Drive   Liam Pierce
Closest to Pin   Bob Poe
Closest to Pin   James Gyuras
Closest to Pin   Cynthia Bryant
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