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Fellow Members,

As many of you know by now,  Zee Best Cafe will be closing on February 28th.  At this time, we do not have a replacement and for now will continue to operate just the Bar.  As we work out the details,  additional information will be sent to the membership. 

We all want to wish Jen and Jimmy,  Good Luck and a Special Thanks for all the great food and good times during your tender at HCC.


Thanks for your cooperation and support. 


Hawthorne CC

Board of Directors


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All members are reminded to properly register themselves in the Pro Shop, including any other billable items (range balls, cart fee, etc...) each time they play.  We are seeing too many instances where people are signing in with just last names, initials, nicknames, and in some case no names at all. 

Each member that plays is required to put their first and last name, member #, # of holes, and whether they walk or ride. Also, each need to register all guests names with the members #, and all children.

We have several members now that either have the same last name, something very similar, and in some cases the same first and last names but not related. This is what makes it imperative to know and mark down your membership number and to use each time. It will ensure that we will achieve proper membership billing, and help cut down on unnecessary clerical work after billing cycles end. Thanks for your cooperation!

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.    Thanks

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The golf committee has asked the golf staff to again have all cart keys be removed from carts and distributed as members sign. This policy is effective immediately and the procedure will be as follows.

   Cart keys will be monitored and distributed by the Pro Shop Staff upon signin.
   When finished members are required to return key to the golf shop for inspection
   No keys should be left in the carts after play- no return both golfers charged $1.00

Part of the logic behind this is to protect the value of our golf carts. Members are asked to protect golf cars at all times and not cause any damage through the course of play. As we all know, there are several tree roots on our paths, and driving to fast on them will cause damage to the suspension.

Do not allow anyone to hang on the back or sides of any cart, especially on hills, or take carts in place they shouldn't be. Tree branches will cause scrapes and scratches.

We have a few carts that have noticeable damage to them. One has a broken windshield, another with a dent in the rear bumper, and one with a side panel that is broken. Anyone with any knowledge of these incidents need to make us aware of the situation or an explanation of the cause. We are aware that accidents will happen at times, but negligence can not be tolerated. Thanks for your support.

Fred Ashby
Chairman, Golf Committee
Hawthorne Country Club


--Posted 02/01/2017


Please note that the posting of scores for the golf season begins on March 15th each year.  Players are expected to post their rounds in the computer outside the pro shop.