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Outdoor Pool (Seasonal) - Our outdoor pool is nice and picturesque.  

Regular Membership - $725 per family


Swim Lessons

Private, individual lessons are available at the pool. Please contact the pool staff for information and scheduling.


Swim Team/Stroke Lessons

The Hawthorne Gators is our swim team and accepts junior participants of all ages.  The Gators compete as part of the county and regional swimming competitions.  Practice is held during the week with meets generally on Saturday mornings.   See the HCC Gators link for additional information.

We now offer swimming lessons. These lessons will work on refining strokes for the competitive swimmer as well as for those not on the swim team.  Please contact the pool staff for information and scheduling.

To learn more about the Hawthorne Country Club Gators swim team, visit

Guest Fee

A guest fee is charged per person per day when accompanying a member except for designated child care providers. Please contact the club office if you have any questions regarding this matter. Please be reminded that all members and their guests will need to sign in when using the pool facilities.  Guest fees are due at the gate upon entry.

Child care providers bringing a member's child/children to the pool will not be subject to a guest fee as long as the member has notified the club office in writing of the child care provider. Any providers not listed with the club office will be charged a guest fee.



Join Hawthorne Country Club with our Unlimited Membership and you’lll feel all the benefits of joining the club and finally understand what all of the talk was about. This membership gives you exclusive access to events, classes, and so much more that happens every day at Hawthorne Country Club.



The level of membership at Hawthorne Country Club provides membership benefits, access to events, and so much more. These members enjoy so many amazing aspects of our exclusive club — you’ll want to join them! Want to find out more about this membership and even more details? Get in touch with us today.



With this membership option, Hawthorne Country Club offers special services and discounts on events. Basic Membership allows members to enter the Country Club and use our facilities throughout the year. Would you like to find out more about this membership option? Get in touch with a member of our team today, and we would be happy to speak with you.

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